Clay Net Update, August 2014

test-patternThank you to everyone who has supported this project by subscribing and sending information to Clay Net. After nine months we reached 60 subscribers, which indicates there is interest for this service.

While subscribers seem interested, there’s been a lack of submissions for the past 4-5 months which has meant that the site has been somewhat dormant.

My plan was to get the ball rolling by writing a bunch of articles in order to generate a buzz and encourage interaction. However, all those interesting articles never got written, so the initial buzz of joining the network didn’t last.

As a result I’m contemplating bringing the project to a close. However, with a core of sixty subscribers there is now a core network of interested people connected in the larger region. What to do?

I’ve made some changes by removing a lot of old posts, especially in the Buy & Sell section, but I’ve left the lists of Groups, Classes and Resources intact for quick reference. These are the core features I see Clay Net providing;

  • long-term listing of resources that support the community
  • a network when news needs to reach a wide audience

Maybe Clay Net needs to work in an entirely different manner, more like a social network where people can do there own postings and drive the content themselves, or an old style monthly newsletter. The trick I see is making it convenient for the average person to post something. Suggestions are welcome.

If anyone is interested in maintaining the project or taking it in a new direction, I will be happy to pass it on and support whoever that may be. If that’s you, let me know, and we can start when you’d like.

Thank you for your understanding. Feedback appreciated.


Mark Hemmingson.

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